Ipoh Famous Gunung Rapat Heong Peah 10pcs Original / Bamboo Charcoal / Brown Sugar


Heong Peah means fragrant pastries in English. These pastries, which resemble slightly flattened balls, contain a sweet sticky filling made from malt and shallots, which is covered by a flaky baked crust and garnished with sesame seeds on the surface. They are available in many stores around city of Ipoh, Perak where tourists also buy them as souvenirs. Heong Peah are also available in other parts of Malaysia.

Original Caramel filling Traditional Heong Peah 10pcs

Bamboo Charcoal Heong Peah with Caramel filling 10pcs

Brown Sugar filling Heong Peah 10pcs

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Gunung Rapat Heong Peah is made from recipe passed down through generations, they are handmade. After countless attempts, the perfect taste and crispy crust have been refined, with moderate sweetness and not greasy to eat.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, maltose, vegetable oil, fried onions and sugar.

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