PAKODA / MURUKKU 450g / 1500g


This traditional little spicy snack Pakoda is a combination of various grains and herbs which delivers its taste in crunchy and spice style.

Pakoda has a rough and harder texture compared to other types of murukku snacks – that’s because pakoda uses soaked dhal beans that are ground and mixed with tapioca before being deep fried. Importantly, it’s also spiced with fennel, giving the snack a sweet and subtle anise, licorice-like taste & a little spicy.

Eat like you’re in Malaysia with a variety of local taste snacks.

Weight : 450g / 1500g

Ingredients: Dhaal flour, plain flour, chilli powder, curry leaves, turmeric, sesame, butter, water & spices.

• Product of Malaysia. Halal Certified حلال

Expiry : within 4 – 6 months

For the exact expiry, please refer to the individual pack.


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The Delightful Traditional Taste & One of The Best Malaysian-Indian Food.

Traditional Indian Snack / Muruku / Chips / Roasted Nuts & Beans in Malaysia and also known as ‘Kacang Putih’ savoury, crunchy snack originating from Ipoh , a city of the state of Perak.  More than 100 types of snacks & murukku are freshly made in this place.

Freshly made with high-quality ingredients to make sure it offers the best taste.


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