This traditional little spicy snack  is a combination of various grains and herbs which delivers its taste in crunchy and spice style.

Uses soaked dhal beans that are ground and mixed with tapioca before being deep fried. Importantly, it’s also spiced with fennel, giving the snack a sweet and subtle anise, licorice-like taste & a little spicy.

Eat like you’re in Malaysia with a variety of local taste snacks.

• Product of Malaysia. Halal Certified حلال

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The Delightful Traditional Taste & One of The Best Malaysian-Indian Food.

Traditional Indian Snack / Muruku / Chips / Roasted Nuts & Beans in Malaysia and also known as ‘Kacang Putih’ savoury, crunchy snack originating from Ipoh , a city of the state of Perak.  More than 100 types of snacks & murukku are freshly made in this place.

Freshly made with high-quality ingredients to make sure it offers the best taste.

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