TEH TARIK TREAT / PULLED TEA / MILK TEA / TEA MIX 13sachets / 50 sachets


Malaysian Famous Teh Tarik / Pulled Tea / Milk Tea / Tea Mix / Beverage Box | HALAL | Asian Drinks | Beverage Treat |  Gift Box

Each box contains Malaysian all-time favourites Teh Tarik ( Pulled Tea / Milk Tea ) / Cham / Tea Mix . Great for personal consumption or as a gift.

Option : 13sachets / 50 sachets

• Shelf life : 12 months
• For the exact ingredients, please refer to the individual pack ( English ingredient labelling )

Product of Malaysia. Halal Certified حلال




• White Coffee •

White coffee originates from Ipoh, a town 200km north of Kuala Lumpur, which is popular for its food and white coffee. In fact, it ranked as the top three coffee towns in Asia by Lonely Planet.

The word ‘white’ in white coffee means unadulterated or pure. This refers to the brewing process, in which the coffee beans are brewed without any added substance or ingredient. While other types of coffees are normally roasted with sugars, margarine, and wheat, white coffee is only roasted with margarine — without the sugar (pretty strange for a sugar-worshiping nation) — giving the coffee a lighter color.

• Kopi •
Also known as Nanyang coffee, is a traditional coffee beverage found in several Maritime Southeast Asian nations. Often brewed to be highly caffeinated in strength, it is commonly served with sugar and/or milk-based condiments. This drink originated from the British Malaya era, with Hainanese cultural roots

• Kopi-O • Coffee with sugar only which is “black coffee” in layman’s term.

• Kopi-O-kosong • Coffee without sugar or milk.

• Teh Tarik •
Teh tarik (which literally means ‘pulled tea’) is made of strong, locally-sourced black tea combined with either condensed or evaporated milk (usually condensed, because it’s sweeter), and maybe some sugar if it’s not sweet enough.

But that sounds like normal milk tea — what’s so special about it?

Well, what makes it special is the way it is prepared. Once all the ingredients have been mixed together, the tea is then repeatedly poured from one cup/jug to another — from a height — to release heat so that it is drinkable, and most importantly, to create a thick, frothy top.

As the tea is poured with increasing height, it gives the illusion of a long stream of tea being ‘pulled’ in mid-air, thus giving it its name.

The art of tea-pulling has developed into a sport and there’s even a national tea-pulling championship being held yearly.

• Cham •
Can’t decide between coffee or tea? Cham lets you have the best of both worlds. With 70% ilk tea combined with 30% aromatic white coffee, this culturally popular beverage is now given an elevated taste. A fun fusion drink that would make any coffee get-togethers even more interesting.

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