Why You Should Try Malaysia White Coffee

Malaysia is a very unique place in that the different cultures, races and beliefs, makes it a cultural melting pot and a hotspot for food lovers. One of the most famous Malaysian products is the white coffee. Originating from Ipoh which is the capital city of Perak, white coffee is one of the most sought after drinks for locals as well as visitors.

Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state, has been one of the pioneers of white coffee in the world. It is more than just coffee to the locals; it is a part of Ipoh’s history. In the 19th and early 20th century during the British colonial era, Perak was a booming tin-mining state. Many British tin-mining companies set up bases in Ipoh, making it a prominent city in the country.

Ipoh White Coffee

Most people believe that the name white coffee comes from the color of the coffee. Actually, it has nothing to do with that. The name refers to the roasting process without any additives or other ingredients, so ‘nothing added.’ The Chinese word Bái, besides ‘white’ also means ‘without,’ or ‘unadulterated.’

The roasting process for regular (black) coffee normally involves roasting the beans with sugar, margarine and wheat. The process is a bit different for white coffee, where some of the ingredients are not added together. The coffee beans are roasted with only margarine, without sugar, which gives the coffee a lighter shade.

The white coffee made in Ipoh actually stands out from regular coffee from elsewhere because of the low temperature and the slow roasting formulas that were created and perfected right there in the city of Ipoh, Perak. This forms a light cramalised flavour that lingers on the mouth! When you drink white coffee, you can taste the different layers of flavor in the coffee, which is thick and aromatic. Ipoh white coffee is also considered healthier (no additives), intenser in aroma and purer in taste.

As more and more types of drinks and coffees are changing all around the world, with added flavours, Ipoh’s white coffee still stands the test of time, maintaining the old tradition of serving white coffee traditionally.

White coffee pairs especially well with Kopitiam’s kaya-butter toast and sticky rice with grated coconut.

Besides going all the way to Ipoh to get your white coffee, nowadays you’ll find the 3-in-1 mixtures for instant white coffee. But instead of just pouring hot water into the mixture, why not try a new recipe, a white coffee ice-blended to quench your thirst on a hot afternoon !


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